Message from Shane Wenzel, President of Shane Homes

Dear Customers, Staff, Business Associates and Readers;

Shane Wenzel, President

It is hard to believe that 30-years have passed and I am now being honoured with taking over the role of President in the family business. I hope I can achieve as much over the next 30 years as my father. To echo my father’s early vision, Shane Homes was based on solid family principles of maintaining the highest integrity along with basic prairie ethics for conducting quality workmanship, engaging in fair and honest business dealings, and providing good value to our customers. Our company reputation for fairness, ethics and giving back to the community has been one of our most valued assets, which I pledge to honour in the years ahead.

Our economy is one of the best in the world - if not the best. Other than for some political jousting at all Government levels, Canada and Calgary is still the best place in the world to live. Alberta has most recently experienced the most noticeable drop in unemployment and our main economic engine, the oil and gas industry, is looking to employ 100s of people into the future. That in turn will create employment in other industries and an even more vibrant city.

At Shane Homes we have celebrated the past and I look forward to celebrating the future. I have inherited the family commitment to hard work and pride in a job well done. As a company, we will remain faithful to our heritage, our mission, our mandate, and our goals of the past 30 years through the second generation.

I wish to thank our customers, our business partners and all our staff for their contribution to making Shane Homes what it is today and look forward to working closely with you in coming years.


Shane Wenzel, President
Shane Homes Ltd.